Benefits That Last A Lifetime
An early exposure to the arts has proven to be very beneficial in the academic process and social development. Children who enjoy
imaginative exercises and learn to focus and translate the spoken word often have a stronger vocabulary and greater math skills. Self
confidence is gained.  Studies have shown that an art/dance exposure for children is awakening and stimulating.  Dance has the further
benefit of addressing the body, encouraging children to appreciate their bodies, stretching and gaining strength and coordination.  
. . . that I  had put on the back burner for many years when the demands of Southold Dance  Theater
precluded developing a program in which young dancers have the opportunity for a multi-disciplined
experience.  The new Dancenter, The Children’s Dance Workshop, is now thriving with a unique
emphasis on Modern Dance.  The  primary focus is creative movement for the very young children and a
strong Modern Dance progression for children five years and older.  Ballet is offered as a support to the
Modern mission.  Children experience not only the discipline and joy of technique, but also composition
study, collaborative choreography, set design and costume construction.  
A Vision . . .
Bonnie Boilini Baxter
It  has been my mission for over thirty years to provide quality modern dance and movement
classes to children. It is enriching  to experience dance/movement at a young age. The goals of
the classes are increased body awareness, flexibility, stamina, and strength, sharpened
observational skills and improved basic locomotor skills. Additional goals include the
development of self confidence and presence, stimulation of  imagination and creativity and the
discovery of the joy and freedom of moving through space and time with delight, to dance.  It is my
hope to provide an exciting and challenging movement experience for all students and to offer a
progressive study.  As the young mover advances more technique is introduced based on the
discipline of Modern Dance, an American art form; however, the creative elements are always
present.  The mission is to cultivate and excite the dancer with the hope of becoming a
professional and the young dancer who wishes to just move and create. Our program challenges
and awakens both sides of the brain as the students discover the joy of strengthen the mind, body
and spirit!  
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